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    • Foto von Jeff D.
      Jeff D.
      Lausanne, Vaud
      1. Jan. 2016
      Erster Beitrag

      A seasonal fondue restaurant open from November through March, Baracca Zermatt has some of the best fondue I've ever tasted. We opted for the cheese fondue, which includes choice of salad or dried meat and cheese starter, six different fondue choices, and three dessert options. Oh and for 65 CHF, it's all you can eat fondue! There is also the option to have fondue "Chinoise," which is like the Swiss version of shabu shabu.

      We had one each of the appetizers, and both were good. The salad tasted very fresh with a light dressing, and the variety of dried meats was delicious though very filling. Consider this if you want to save room for cheese.

      We had the traditional fondue, which was simply delicious. What differentiated this fondue for me was the bread. Whereas many places have good cheese -- as long as you use high quality cheese, there's not a lot of magic to the prep -- Baracca had really nice bread, with a crunchy crust and spongy interior that was perfect for dipping in cheese. The cheese was also perfectly heated and stayed hot (almost too hot) until the pot was finished.

      While we were already pretty stuffed, we received a recommendation to try the chili fondue. This was also delicious, and a nice spin on the traditional.

      We were really full by the time dessert came around, but soldiered on and tried the meringue option and the chocolate cake. These were also in keeping with everything else served and delicious, though we weren't able to finish either.

      The ambiance here is definitely evocative of a Swiss chalet, though a minor complaint would be that it gets very warm inside, especially as we sat near the fireplace. I look forward to returning, though will definitely dress more in layers next time.

      Service is excellent: friendly and efficient. Baracca is a great place to enjoy delicious cheese fondue without having to head to the mountains.

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