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    • Foto von Elena M.
      Elena M.
      Santa Paula, Vereinigte Staaten
      7. Mai 2023

      My first night at Basel we made reservations here. It was by far our favorite place, we even ate here twice! I highly recommend the crème brûlée. My husband and I sat upstairs in a beautiful private area with few other tables. I dream of going back.

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    • Foto von Josh N.
      Josh N.
      Omaha, Vereinigte Staaten
      27. Aug. 2022

      Stopped in for dinner on a suggestion. Very helpful for my wife's gluten free needs. Very good food. Friendly staff. Great location and cute small spot. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Wish I would have had room for some dessert. Maybe next time.

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    • Foto von Andreas K.
      Andreas K.
      Los Angeles, Vereinigte Staaten
      2. Sept. 2019

      The place - chosen for its ease of accessibility for folks arriving from Germany - proved to offer a solid and reasonably creative lunch meal in the center of Basel. The food as such was "waehrschaft", i.e. attempting to please everyone, avoiding extremes or novelties. The staff was stiff, and the price comparably steep. The winning part was the company, the restaurant was the means.

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    • Foto von Brian W.
      Brian W.
      Austin, Vereinigte Staaten
      28. Okt. 2017

      I had a very good experience here after wandering in. Traditional Swiss restaurant; cozy atmosphere. I had Rösti with ham, cheese, and an egg on top. Really good. Service was good. I thought the prices were reasonable for the area.

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    • Foto von Doug M.
      Doug M.
      Naramata, Kanada
      28. März 2017

      A venerable Basel institution dating back hundreds of years, home to aspiring (and also successful) writers, some of whom used the location in their novels. Hermann Hesse featured the alley adjacent in "The Steppenwolf", for example. If you want authentic (I hate to use that word, but in this case it's accurate) Swiss fare served in an unpretentious atmosphere, this is not to be missed. My wife's former husband's step-dad used this as his "local" for almost 40 years, and that says it all.
      If you are concerned about dining under the watchful gaze of an enormous wild boar head, sit facing the bar, though.
      This is as far from the MacDonald's in the Aschenplatz as you can get, and warrants several visits if you can swing it -- I had an advantage visiting with a Basel resident with good recommendations, but if you don't speak Swiss just take a look around to see what the locals are eating and ask for that! Prices are good, too.
      PS that's "rosti" in the photograph, not "Rossi", of course

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    • Foto von Elena C.
      Elena C.
      Hollywood, Vereinigte Staaten
      7. Apr. 2012

      This is a classical Swiss restaurant. The menu overall is overpriced for the type of food they serve, Rosty (hashbrown) and Wurstel (Sausage). the amostphere is ok and the service is ok. I would not go back to that restaurant as there are far better choices in the city.

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    • Foto von Johanna S.
      Johanna S.
      Boston, Vereinigte Staaten
      16. Okt. 2013

      The prices here are to be honest, for a swiss standard, pretty ok. I like the Rösti with liver pretty much. The only problem with the Rösti dishes that come in a pan is that they are extremely fatty and not crunchy at all. I prefer it when the Rösti has a crust on both sides and is more dry than oily. But if you have visits from abroad, people who never had Rösti, this is due to it's variety and the good location for sure some of the best places to go.

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